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Getting around

Bus & tram


Jerusalem is laced with a very good network of city bus routes (5.50NIS per ride). If you need to transfer ask for a ticket Ma’avar (6.40NIS). A pass for 10 rides costs 44NIS while a one-month pass is 216NIS. Pick up a colour-coded route map (in Hebrew) from the Jaffa Gate tourist office.

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Local transport


Plan on spending 20NIS to 25NIS for trips anywhere within the central area of town. Always ask to use the meter. To order a taxi, call Hapalmach taxi (679 2333).

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The hills of Jerusalem make biking a little tough going, but if you need a bike try Rochvim Bikes (623 2598; 88 Agrippas St) which rents bikes for 35NIS per day. The store, on the corner of Mani St, is a unique collaboration between local Palestinian and Jewish biking enthusiasts.

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