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Introducing Limavady

Enchanted by a folk tune played by a blind fiddler outside her window in 1851, Limavady resident Jane Ross (1810–79) jotted down the melody – then known as 'O'Cahan's Lament', and later as the 'Londonderry Air'. The tune came to be known around the world as 'Danny Boy' – probably the most famous Irish song of all time.

Limavady was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips, the organiser of the Plantation of County Londonderry, by James I in 1612, after the last ruling chief, Sir Donnell Ballagh O'Cahan, was found guilty of rebellion. The town's original Gaelic name is Léim an Mhadaidh, which means 'the Dog's Leap', commemorating one of the O'Cahans' dogs that jumped across a gorge on the River Roe to bring warning of an unexpected enemy attack.