Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve

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Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve information

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The 300-hectare ancient woodland lining Glengarriff's glacial valley was owned by the White family of Bantry House in the 18th century. The thick tree cover maintains humid conditions that allow ferns and mosses to flourish.

The woodlands and bogs are also home to Ireland's only arboreal ant and the rare and protected Kerry slug. If you're lucky, you'll see these spotty, cream-coloured gastropods on the lichen carpet munching after rainfall.

There are five marked trails through the reserve, separately covering woodland, mountain, river and meadow, ranging from 0.5km to 3km, which leave from the car park. Note there are no public toilets.

The entrance is about 1km from Glengarriff on the N71 towards Kenmare on your left.