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Flights to Tehran

The best price found from United States to Tehran is on October 23rd, 2015, travelling with Aeroflot. See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

New York John F. Kennedy
from $442.00
Tehran Imam Khomeini

Getting around by air

Tehran has two civilian airports: the newer Imam Khomeini International Airport, 35km south of the city for international flights, and old Mehrabad Airport south of Azadi Sq in the west for domestic flights.

Every day there are flights between Tehran and almost every provincial capital in Iran. Iran Air flies most routes and is complemented by a growing number of smaller airlines. Domestic flight prices are fixed by the government so with no price differential between airlines, it’s best to buy tickets from travel agencies where you’ll have more options.

International Arrivals

Customs and immigration procedures at IKIA are slow but generally hassle-free if your papers are in order. Bags are X-rayed as you leave the baggage hall, but tourists are seldom hassled.

You’ll need cash to leave the airport and several banks in the arrivals hall can change money at poor rates. However, it will get you an official exchange receipt, which is worth having.

Mobile phone operator MTN has two offices selling Irancell SIM cards more cheaply than you’ll get them in town, and with less hassle (they can register the SIM while you wait). The tourist information counter was little help to us. All these services are open 24 hours (in theory).

International Departures

The hardest part about leaving Tehran is getting to the airport on time. Unless your flight is very early or very late (as many are), give yourself well over an hour to get to IKIA from central Tehran, then an hour to get through customs and immigration. If you have changed money legally at a bank, and have a receipt, you can in theory convert unused rials into cash euros. However some travellers have reported being unable to do this.