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Getting there & away

Iran Aseman flies daily between Tehran and Bam’s small airport east of town.

Bam’s bus terminal is just south of Arg Sq but Arg Sq itself is where most services stop en route to or from Zahedan. Buses to Kerman (mahmooly/Volvo IR12, 000/18, 000, three hours, 204km) leave frequently. The few regular services from Bam include Esfahan (IR70, 000, 11 hours, 703km) at 2.30pm and Tehran (IR100, 000, 21 hours, 1258km) at 3.30pm. For Zahedan (IR16, 000/25, 000, four hours, 321km) buses pass intermittently, including one soon after 6am – ask at Akbar Tourist Guest House for schedules.

Savaris for Kerman (IR30, 000, two hours), Mahan (IR30, 000, 1¼ hours) and Jiroft (IR25, 000, 90 minutes) leave Arg Sq when they fill.