Khan-e Tabatabei

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Khan-e Tabatabei information

Kashan , Iran
off Alavi St
+98 361 422 0032
admission US$1.80
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Built around 1880, Seyyed Jafar Tabatabei’s house is renowned for its intricate stone reliefs, fine stucco and wonderful mirror and stained-glass work. The house consists of three sections: the andaruni (internal area where family members lived), the biruni (external area used for entertaining and housing guests) and the khadame (servants’ quarters). These are set around four courtyards, the largest of which boasts a fountain pool. From mid-afternoon (depending on the month), sunlight and stained glass combine to bathe some rooms in brilliant colour.

To get here, walk south past the Khan-e Borujerdi towards the blue conical tower of the Imamzadeh-ye Sultan Mir Ahmad and turn right – the entrance is on the left. There’s an excellent handicraft shop off the main courtyard.