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Encounter orangutans up-close-and-personal, bliss out beachside on the Indian Ocean, trek in the jungle of national parks, chill out on Lake Samosir.

Tour description provided by G Adventures

If the only thing you think of when you hear “Sumatra” is “coffee,” then we need to have a chat. If you’re looking to plunge right into a nature-filled adventure with orangutans aplenty, here’s where you’ll want to be. Enjoy two weeks of city touring, hiking, and having a great time bonding with your fellow travellers. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree that everything is a highlight in Sumatra.


Day 1 Medan
Arrive at any time. Included Activities: Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting
Day 2 Medan/Tangkahan (1B)
Enjoy a morning tour of Medan. After, traverse bumpy roads to reach the small jungle community of Tangkahan. Opt to go hiking. Included Activities: Medan City Tour Transport: Minibus (5.00 hour(s), 100km)
Day 3 Tangkahan/Bukit Lawang (1B)
Travel across bumpy roads to Bukit Lawang, located close to Gunung Leuser National Park. Transport: Minibus (6.00 hour(s))
Day 4 Bukit Lawang (1B)
An orangutan rehabilitation centre was set up in 1973 to help orangutans released from captivity to learn the skills they will need in the wild. Once they are released into the wild, they are monitored and still provided with some supplementary food until they're 100% ready to fend for themselves. We visit a platform when they are being fed. Gunung Leuser National Park is located nearby and a great place to do some wildlife trekking in this large jungle park. Included Activities: Orangutan Feeding Platform Visit Transport: Walking (2.00 hour(s))
Day 5 Bukit Lawang/Berastagi (1B)
Orientation walk upon arrival. Free afternoon with the option to visit the local hot springs. Included Activities: Orientation Walk Transport: Minibus (7.00-8.00 hours, 160km)
Day 6 Berastagi (1B)
Opt to hike a volcano or tour traditional villages.
Day 7 Berastagi/Samosir Island (1B)
Travel to the world's largest volcano lake, Lake Toba. Transport: Minibus (8.00 hour(s), 190km)
Day 8 Samosir Island (1B)
Chill out and swim in the warm waters of the lake or opt for some culture by visiting local Batak villages.
Day 9 Samosir Island/Sibolga (1B)
Drive through beautiful scenery on this travel day, finishing at a town on the Indian Ocean on Sumatra's western coast. Transport: Minibus (8.00 hour(s))
Day 10 Sibolga/Panyabungan (1B)
Take in the landscape on another travel day. Break up the journey with an overnight stop in Panyabungan. Transport: Minibus (8.00 hour(s))
Day 11 Panyabungan/Bukittinggi (1B)
Enjoy an orientation walk upon arrival after a half-day of travel, including a few interesting stops along the way. Included Activities: Orientation Walk Transport: Minibus (5.00 hour(s))
Day 12 Bukittinggi (1B)
Enjoy a free day to go rafting or kayaking, or check out some sights, like Sianok Canyon or the Japanese Caves built during World War II.
Day 13 Bukittinggi/Padang (1B)
Spend the final evening on Sumatra with the group at a beach hotel in Padang. Transport: Minibus (2.00 hour(s), 30km)
Day 14 Padang (1B)
Depart at any time. Included Activities: Departure Day