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Pulau Samosir

Getting there & away




From Tuk Tuk you can catch a ferry to Parapat, and from there you can travel by bus. There are daily buses from Pangururan to Berastagi (30, 000Rp, four hours) via Sidikalang.

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Ferries between Parapat and Tuk Tuk (7000Rp, 30 minutes) operate roughly every hour or two. The last one to Tuk Tuk leaves at 7.30pm and the last one back to Parapat leaves Tuk Tuk at about 5.30pm. Tell them where you want to get off on Samosir and you’ll be dropped off nearby. When leaving for Parapat, just stand out on your hotel jetty anytime from 8am and flag a ferry down.

There are also car ferries to Tomok from Ajibata, just south of Parapat.

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