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Money & costs


Medan has branches of just about every bank operating in Indonesia. Most banks are headquartered along the junction of Jl Diponegoro and Jl H Zainal Arifin.

Bank Danamon (JL Pemuda)

Bank Indonesia (Jl Balai Kota)

BCA bank (Bank Central Asia; Jl H Zainal Arifin)

BNI bank (Bank Negara Indonesia; Jl Pemuda)

There are ATMs all over the city. Try the following:

ATM (Yuki Plaza, Jl SM Raja)

ATM (Hotel Garuda Plaza, Jl SM Raja)

Shop around, as exchange rates can differ significantly from bank to bank. Medan typically offers the best rates on the island.

Outside of banking hours, there are moneychangers on the corner of Jl Sipiso-Piso and Jl SM Raja, as well as at travel agencies on Jl Katamso.