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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Use big-city common sense in Medan. Watch your bags, as snatch thieves are prevalent. To keep your sanity, remember that you don’t have to speak to everyone who speaks to you. It is common practice in Indonesia for becak drivers to call out to pedestrians to solicit business. You’ll get a ‘Hello mister’ or even a ‘Hello, you like cigarette?’ every few feet, but not responding is perfectly acceptable if you don’t want to go anywhere. Although this may seem rude, in Sumatra a response is an invitation.

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While you're there

Medical services

For an ambulance, dial 118.

Rumah Sakit Gleneagles (4566368; Jl Listrik 6) The best hospital in the city, with a 24-hour walk-in clinic and pharmacy, as well as English-speaking doctors and specialists.

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