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Getting there & away

The Aur Kuning bus terminal is about 2km south of the town centre, but easily reached by opelet (1500Rp). Tell the driver you’re going to Kampung China, where most of the hotels are located.

There are heaps of buses to Padang (12, 000Rp, two hours), Danau Maninjau (6000Rp, 1½ hours) and Solok (9000Rp, two hours).

Bukittinggi is a stop for the north-/south-bound buses on the Trans-Sumatran Hwy. Bussing to Jakarta (air-con/executive from 226, 000/300, 000Rp including ferry ticket, 29 hours) is more expensive than catching a flight from Padang. Medan-bound buses (air-con/executive 110, 000/190, 000Rp, 20 hours) also stop off at Parapat (air-con/executive 110, 000/190, 000Rp, 14 hours). En route, you’ll cross the equator, just outside of Bonjol.

East–west buses shake, rattle and roll to Pekanbaru (35, 000Rp for economy, five hours) and Dumai (economy/air-con 60, 000/80, 000Rp, 10 hours), where you can catch a boat to Melaka. There are a few buses to Bengkulu (80, 000Rp), Jambi (75, 000Rp) and Palembang (150, 000Rp), but most services leave from Padang.