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Getting there & away




There are three reasonably orderly terminals for long-distance buses and the local mikrolet.

From Terminal Karombasan, 5km south of the city, buses go to Tomohon (4000Rp), Tondano (5000Rp) and other places south of Manado. From the far southern Terminal Malalayang, very regular buses go to Kotamobagu (17,000Rp) and Gorontalo (60,000Rp, eight hours).

From Terminal Paal 2, at the eastern end of Jl Martadinata, varied public transport runs to Bitung (5500Rp) and the airport (2000Rp).

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All Pelni boats use the deep-water port of Bitung, 55km from Manado. Several of the Pelni liners call by once or twice every week: the Umsini goes to Balikpapan (economy/1st class 376,000/1, 173,000Rp) and Pantoloan; the Lambelu goes to Ternate (111,000/317,000Rp) and Ambon (173,000/517,000Rp); the Kelimutu to Sorong (228,000/695,000) and Fak Fak; and the Tilongkabila to Luwuk (128,000/372,000Rp) and other ports along the southeastern coast.

There is no longer a Pelni office in Manado; the nearest one is in Bitung. However, PT Virgo Ekspres (858610; Jl Sam Ratulangi 5) is a reliable Pelni agent for checking information and purchasing tickets.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon the Ratu Maria (855851) makes the overnight trip to Pulau Siau (55,000Rp) and Tahuna (93,000Rp) in the Sangir-TalaudIslands.

Small, slow and uncomfortable boats leave Manado every day or two for Tahuna and Lirung, also in the Sangir-Talaud Islands; and to Mangole, Sanana, Tobelo and Ambon in Maluku. Tickets are available from the stalls outside the port. From Bitung, four overnight ferries a week also travel to Ternate in Northern Maluku.

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Manado is well-connected by air with other parts of Indonesia. See map p669 for a guide to prices for flights listed below.

Merpati (Merpati Nusantara Airlines; 842000; Jl Sudirman 111) has daily flights to Jakarta and Luwuk, and also Jayapura via Sorong; four flights a week to/from Gorontalo, as well as Makassar; three per week to/from Ternate; three a week to Palu; and twice weekly to the Sangir-Talaud islands towns of Melanguane and Naha.

Garuda (Garuda Indonesia; 877737) flies daily to/from Makassar, with same-day connections to Denpasar and Jakarta.

Adam Air (8880999) flies daily to/from Surabaya.

Lion Air (8880022) flies daily to/from Makassar, Jakarta, Denpasar, Ternate and Sorong, and once a week to/from Gorontalo.

Batavia Air (3864338) offers daily flights to/from Balikpapan and Jakarta.

Tickets for domestic flights often cost slightly less at travel agencies, and agencies often sell international tickets at substantial discounts.

The international departure tax is 100,000Rp.

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