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Getting Around


A ride in one of Kupang’s unique bass-thumping hip-hop bemos (2000Rp) is one of the city’s essential experiences (Kupang is too spread out to walk). Windscreens are festooned with either girlie silhouettes, Jesus of Nazareth, his mum, or English football stars. The low-rider paint job is of the Fast & Furious technicolour variety, while banks of subwoofers will have your ass involuntarily shaking to the drivers’ C-list hip-hop soundtrack.

Bemos stop running by 9pm. The bemo hub is the Kota Kupang terminal. Useful bemo routes:

  • 1 & 2 Kuanino–Oepura; passing many popular hotels.

  • 5 Oebobo–Airnona–Bakunase; passing the main post office.

  • 6 Goes to the Flobamora shopping mall and the post office.

  • 10 Kelapa Lima–Walikota; from Kota Kupang terminal to the tourist office, Oebobo bus terminal and Museum Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Several bemos use names instead of numbers. Tenau and Belok Harbour bemos run to the docks. The Penfui bemo links to the airport.

Ojek Warning

Sexual assault against women by their ojek drivers has become an issue in Kupang. Don’t hail an ojek randomly. Ask hotel staff to recommend someone.