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Getting there & away




Orange Colts and other buses depart frequently from the Km 6 terminal for Martapura (16,000Rp, 30 minutes) and Banjarbaru (16,000Rp, 45 minutes). There are also Colts to Kandangan (23,000Rp, three hours), Negara (35,000Rp, four hours), Barabai (38,000Rp, four hours) Margasari (25,000Rp, three hours) and Pagatan (40,000Rp, five hours). Frequent economy buses travel to Muara Teweh (60,000Rp, 12 hours), Balikpapan (75,000Rp, 15 hours) and Samarinda (90,000Rp, 17 hours). For the latter two destinations you can opt for a more comfortable air-con night bus: Balikpapan (110,000Rp, 12 hours), Samarinda (135,000Rp, 14 hours).

One bus leaves daily to Marabahan from Km 6, but it’s easier to go to Kayu Tani Ujung in the northern part of Banjarmasin.Colts leave frequently from there for Marabahan (6000Rp), a journey of about two hours. There’s an extra 500Rp charge for the short ferry crossing. Take a taxi kota to Kayu Tani Ujung (1000Rp) from the Jl P Antasari terminal.

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River boats from the wharf at Pasar Baru travel twice a week to Negara (20,000Rp, 12 hours) and daily to Marabahan (10,000Rp, four hours). The seemingly impenetrable market is at the intersection of Jl Niaga Utara and Jl Pasar Baru. Walk through to the river.

Pelni (3353077; Jl Martadinata 10) boats travel to Surabaya (from 180,000Rp, 18 hours, weekly), Semarang (from 232,000Rp, 24 hours, twice weekly) and Jakarta (from 354,000Rp, 20 hours, weekly) from Trisakti Pinisi Harbour. Take a taxi kota from the terminal on Jl Pangeran Antasari for 2000Rp. The route passes by the harbour master’s and various ticket offices, but the best place for updated Pelni information is its office.

The air-con Dharma Kencana (3351419) ferry to Surabaya (seat/economy 170,000/130,000Rp, 20 hours) docks at Jl Yos Su­darso 8 near the Trisakti Pinisi Harbour. It leaves every other day in the afternoon. There is a cafeteria on board. Buy tickets at Dharma Kencana’s office.

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Several airlines including Garuda (3359065; fax 3359066; 2nd fl, Jl Hasanuddin HM 31) operate flights to Jakarta. There are also services to Balikpapan and Surabaya. DAS (52902; Blok 4, Jl Hasanuddin 6) and Kal-Star both have daily flights to Pangkalan Bun and the latter also flies to Pontianak. As with all airfares you’ll get the best deal at a travel agent.

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