Chinatown information

Surabaya , Indonesia
E of Jl Panggung
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Directly south of the Arab Quarter, and east of JL Panggung, is Surabaya’s Chinatown, with hundreds of small businesses and shophouses. Its historic buildings are crumbling and the streets are crowded and none-too-clean, but it's still worthy of some good photo ops. Becak and hand-pulled carts are still the best way to transport goods through the narrow streets. Pasar Pabean is a sprawling, darkly-lit market linking the Chinese and Arab quarters where you can buy everything from Madurese chickens to Chinese crockery.

Each afternoon and evening a fish market breaks out on the streets leading to and from the market, with species from tiny fingernail-sized baitfish, to shellfish, to massive specimens of shark. Indonesia is among the worst offenders when it comes to shark fishing and shark finning, but it is a classic Indonesian fish market scene, nonetheless. Further east near the canal, the highly evocative Kong Co Kong Tik Cun Ong delivers a blast of unflitered culture. The primarily Buddhist complex (with dashes of Confucian and Taoist influences) spans two sides of a small gang , arched with temple gateways. Expect the usual flickering candles, wafting incense and praying pilgrims, concrete columns wrapped with dragons and latticed teak altars.