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Getting around

Green angkot minibuses (2000Rp) shuttle around town, particularly between the bus terminal and train station. Blue angkot run to outlying districts and terminate at TerminĀ­al Merdeka. From the bus terminal, angkot leave from the street behind, Jl Bangka. Angkot 03 does an anticlockwise loop of the botanical gardens on its way to Jl Kapten Muslihat, near the train station. To the bus terminal from the tourist office take 06.

Becak are banned from the main road encircling the gardens. Metered taxis are few and far between, although some Jakartan taxi drivers do hang out by the airport bus stop by the Jagorawi toll road. You can also haggle with the minivan drivers who hang out near the entrance to the botanical gardens.