Museum Sejarah Jakarta

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Jakarta , Indonesia
Taman Fatahillah
admission 2000Rp
Opening hours
8am-3pm Tue-Sun
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The Jakarta History Museum is housed in the old town hall of Batavia, a stately Dutch colonial structure that was once the epicentre of an empire. This bell-towered building, built in 1627, served the administration of the city and was also used by the city law courts.

Today it’s a poorly presented museum of peeling plasterwork and lots of heavy, carved ebony and teak furniture from the Dutch period (plus a disparate collection of exhibits collected from across the nation). But you will find the odd exquisite piece, such as the stunning black granite sculpture of Kali, a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction.

In the back courtyard is the huge bronze Cannon Si Jagur. This cannon tapers at one end into a large clenched fist, a sexual symbol in Indonesia; childless women would offer flowers and sit astride the cannon in the hope of becoming mothers.

There are long-standing plans to renovate the museum, but work had been delayed at the time of research.