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Sanur , Indonesia
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Sanur’s beachfront walk was the first in Bali and has been delighting locals and visitors alike from day one. Over 4km long, it curves past resorts, beachfront cafes, wooden fishing boats under repair and quite a few elegant old villas built decades ago by the wealthy expats who fell under Bali’s spell. While you stroll, look out across the water to Nusa Penida.

A few highlights: just north of the Bali Hyatt are the kinds of lavish villas you wished your friends owned. This was the centre of expat life when Donald Friend ruled the roost. Just south of the Hyatt is a long area where multi hued fishing boats are pulled ashore and repaired under the trees. And look for surprises like a cow grazing next to a luxury resort or a bored beach-activities tout tracing beautifully elaborate designs in the sand.

Even if you’re not staying in Sanur, the beach walk makes a good day trip or stop on the way to someplace else.