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Fatehpur Sikri

Getting there & away

Tour buses usually stop for 1½ hours, which is not long enough. Make a day of it by catching a bus (Rs 17, one hour) from Agra’s Idgah bus stand; buses depart every 30 minutes between 7am and 7pm. Get on a small bus direct to Fatehpur Sikri town rather than one of the big buses going to Bharatpur that will drop you near Agra Gate, a 1km walk from the monuments. The last bus back to Agra from the bazaar bus stand leaves at 7pm.

Autorickshaws are not allowed to make the Agra to Fatehpur Sikri trip, but a taxi should cost Rs 600 return including waiting time.

Buses from the bazaar bus stand leave regularly for Bharatpur (Rs 15, 30 minutes) and Jaipur (Rs 80, 4½ hours).

Fatehpur Sikri