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Mt Abu , India
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The white-clad people you’ll see around town are either armed forces or members of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University , a worldwide organisation whose headquarters are here in Mt Abu. Founded in what’s now Pakistan in 1937 by a man known as the Medium, Brahma Kumaris teaches that all religions lead to God and are equally valid, and that the principles of each should be studied. Its aim is the establishment of universal peace through ‘the impartation of spiritual knowledge and training of easy raja yoga meditation’. Tens of thousands of followers come to Mt Abu each year for intense meditation or outreach training courses.

For many the teachings are intensely powerful; there are over 800 branches in 130 countries. Brahma Kumaris even has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN. For others, it gives off a New Age–sect vibe and sceptical Mt Abu locals might try to warn you away. You can find out more for yourself by paying a visit to the university’s Universal Peace Hall , just north of Nakki Lake, where free 30-minute tours are available, including an introduction to the Brahma Kumaris philosophy. If you want to take things further, they will give you information on Brahma Kumaris centres in your own country where you can start a free meditation course.

The organisation also runs the Peace Park , located 8km northeast of town on the road to Guru Shikhar, and the small World Renewal Spiritual Museum in the town centre, the entrance of which is labelled ‘Gateway to Paradise’. The museum gives an overview of Brahma Kumaris teachings through kitschy dioramas and maxims like ‘Man was never a beast nor will he ever become a beast, but he has now become worse than a beast’.