Nakki Lake

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Mt Abu , India
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Scenic Nakki Lake, the town’s focus, is one of its biggest attractions. It’s so named because, according to legend, it was scooped out by a god using his nakh . Some Hindus thus consider it a holy lake. Another version of its origins is that it was constructed by the British in the 19th century. It’s a pleasant stroll around the perimeter – the lake is surrounded by hills, parks and strange rock formations. The best known, Toad Rock , looks just like a toad about to hop into the lake. The 14th-century Raghunath Temple stands near the lake’s south shore. The lurid nocturnal lighting on the north shore comes from the Mother India monument , erected by the Sahara airline and banking company in 2007 for the purpose, local cynics say, of having its name shining out too.

Nakki Lake is the heart of all activity in Mt Abu. At the edge nearest the town centre, there’s a carnival of juice and food stalls, ice-cream parlours, balloon vendors and souvenir shops. The honeymoon market is catered for by aphrodisiac vendors, with potions that allegedly ‘make big difference’.

To enter into the spirit of things, you can do as the local tourists do and hire a pedalo (per person per 30min ₹30), or, for the romantically inclined, a gondola-like shikara loveboat (2-person boat per 30min ₹110).