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Introducing Raghurajpur

The fascinating artists’ village of Raghurajpur, 14km north of Puri, is two streets and 120 thatched brick houses adorned with murals of geometric patterns and mythological scenes – a traditional art form that has almost died out in Odisha.

The village is most famous for its patachitra – work made using cloth coated with a mixture of gum and chalk made from tamarind seeds and then polished. With eye-aching attention and a very fine brush, artists mark out animals, flowers, deities and demons, which are then illuminated with bright colours. It makes for very beautiful and unique souvenirs.

Take the Bhubaneswar bus and look for the ‘Raghurajpur The Craft Village’ signpost 11km north of Puri, then walk the last 1km (don’t get cornered by the few shops that have set up first but which are technically outside the village itself).