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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Be aware that something as seemingly innocuous as accepting a lift on the back of a boy’s bicycle can lead to a commission changing hands in Khajuraho.

The most notorious scam is when children invite you to visit their classroom, normally in the old village, concluding with demands for rupees, which the child splits with their teacher. They may use the Urdu word for school, madarsa, to make the proposition more intriguing. If you are keen to visit a school, establish a price before you go, and take no extra cash.

Even the government-approved guides should be approached with scepticism. Discuss the itinerary of your tour – they may plan to conclude it at a commission-paying shop or school. Equally, the yogis and masseurs who pop up in every hotel may not be professionally qualified. At the temples, do not feel pressured to leave a financial offering – you can be sure it won’t be given to Shiva.

If you need assistance, the Government of India tourist office (272348; Main Rd; 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat) and tourist police booth (Main Rd) are good ports of call.

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While you're there


Police (272032; Link Rd No 2)

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Medical services

Hospital (272498; Link Rd No 2)

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