Bidar Fort

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Bidar , India
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Keep aside a few hours for peacefully wandering around the remnants of this magnificent 15th-century fort. Sprawled across rolling hills 2km east of Udgir Rd, it was once the administrative capital of much of southern India. Surrounded by a triple moat hewn out of solid red rock and 5.5km of defensive walls (the second longest in India), the fort has a fairy-tale entrance that twists in an elaborate chicane through three gateways.

While entry to the fort is free, the catch is you'll need a guide (₹150 to ₹200) to unlock the gates to the most interesting ruins within the fort. These include the Rangin Mahal (Painted Palace), which sports elaborate tilework, teak pillars and panels with mother-of-pearl inlay, the Solah Khamba Mosque (Sixteen-Pillared Mosque) and Tarkash Mahal with exquistive Islamic inscriptions and wonderul roof-top views.

There’s also a small museum in the former royal bath with local artefacts and crude wooden rifles. Clerks at the archaeological office beside the museum often double as guides.