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Getting there & away




STC buses run to/from Mandvi (Rs 22, 1½ hours, every 30 minutes), Ahmedabad (Rs 112, eight hours, five daily), Rajkot (Rs 97, six hours, five daily) and Jamnagar (Rs 120, 7½ hours, three daily). Book private buses at Hemal Travels (252 491; STC bus stand; 8am-9pm), which has buses to Ahmedabad (ordinary/sleeper Rs 160/225, nine hours), Rajkot (Rs 100) and Jamnagar (Rs 110).


Bhuj station is 2.5km north of the centre and has a reservations office (8am-2pm & 2.15-8pm Mon-Sat, 8am-2pm Sun). The 9032 Kutch Express (sleeper/3AC/2AC Rs 172/454/703) leaves at 6.30pm, arriving in Ahmedabad at 2.15am. The 9116 Bhuj-Bandra Express leaves at 8.30pm and hits Ahmedabad at 4.05am. Going the other way, the most convenient is the 9115 Bandra-Bhuj Exp at 11.59pm from Ahmedabad.

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Jet Airways (253671; Station Rd; 9am-6pm Mon-Sat, to 2pm Sun) has regular flights to Mumbai (US$126).

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