Largo de Igreja

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Largo de Igreja, the area around the Church of the Holy Spirit, features a number of traditional old Portuguese mansions, in various states of decay or repair. The most famous is the grand, 1790 Sat Burnzam Ghor (Seven Gabled House) . Originally, as its name suggests, there were seven of the distinctive high-peaked gables, of which only three remain, though it remains an impressive edifice. Built by Sebastiao da Silva, private secretary to the viceroy, it sports an especially beautiful private chapel, dedicated to St Anna, and noteworthy for being the first private chapel in which a Goan family was permitted to privately perform Mass. Its upstairs salons are filled with a stunning assortment of porcelain, chandeliers, marble and damask. Though it’s not open daily to the public, your best bet to arrange a visit is to contact the GTDC about a tour.