Daulatabad Fort

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Daulatabad , India
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No trip to Aurangabad is complete without a pit-stop at the ruined but truly magnificent hilltop fortress of Daulatabad, about 15km away from town en route to Ellora. A 5km battlement surrounds this ancient fort , a most beguiling structure built by the Yadava kings through the 12th century. In 1328, it was renamed Daulatabad, the City of Fortune, by Delhi sultan Mohammed Tughlaq, who decided to shift his kingdom’s capital to this citadel from Delhi. Known for his eccentric ways, Tughlaq even marched the entire population of Delhi 1100km south to populate it. Ironically, Daulatabad soon proved untenable as a capital for strategic reasons, and Tughlaq forced its weary inhabitants to slope all the way back to Delhi, which had by then been reduced to a ghost town!