Salar Jung Museum

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Hyderabad , India
Salar Jung Rd
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Indian/foreigner ₹10/150, camera ₹50
Opening hours
10am-5pm Sat-Thu
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This vast and varied collection was put together by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan (Salar Jung III), who was briefly grand vizier to the seventh nizam, Osman Ali Khan (r 1911–48), before devoting his large fortune to amassing Asian and European art and craftworks. The 40-plus galleries include early South Indian bronzes and wood and stone sculptures, Indian miniature paintings, European fine art, historic manuscripts, a room of jade and another room of very fancy walking sticks.

A special highlight is the remarkable Veiled Rebecca by 19th-century Italian sculptor Benzoni. The museum is very popular, and can be bedlam on Sundays.