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Mayabunder & Around/India

Introducing Mayabunder & Around

In Mayabunder there’s an unexpected gem in the shape of Sea’n’Sand (273454; thanzin_the_great@yahoo.co.in; r Rs 200-500), a simple lodge, restaurant and bar overlooking the water 1km south of the town centre. Run by Titus and Elizabeth, along with their young family, it’s low-key and will appeal to travellers looking for an experience away from the crowds. Titus organises a range of boat-based day tours (per tour from Rs 500-2500) that, depending on the season and how he feels about you, may include Forty One Caves where hawabills (swiftlets) make their highly prized edible nests; easy snorkelling off Avis Island; or a coast-and-forest-wilderness experience on Interview Island.