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The Westfjords

Getting there & away

There are twice-daily flights between Reyk­javík and Ísafjörður (Ikr10, 500) with Air Iceland (570 3030; www.airiceland.is), and additional summer flights to Gjögur and Bíldudalur.

Roads in the Westfjords are mostly unsurfaced and heavily rutted, and they hug the deeply indented coastline, winding in and out of fjords and around headlands, so getting about can be very slow. Public bus services are limited and infrequent, and most only run from June to August.

Coming from Reykjavík to Ísafjörður you’ll need to change in Brú (further south, in west Iceland) and Hólmavík. Buses leave Reykjavík for Brú at 8.30am and 5.30pm, but they only connect with the Brú–Hólmavík service on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday; Reykjavík–Hólmavík costs Ikr4900. The bus company Stjörnubílar (456 3518, 893 6356; www.stjornubilar.is) runs the Hólmavík–Ísafjörður leg (Ikr4000), at 3pm on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Buses also run to the Westfjords via the ferry from Stykkishólmur. There are daily buses from Reykjavík to Stykkishólmur, but these don’t link well with the ferry – you’ll have a few hours to look round, or even an overnight stop. For information on buses between Brjánslækur and Ísafjörður (via Látrabjarg).

If you want to travel between Ísafjörður and Akureyri, you’ll also need to change in Hólmavík and Brú.

The car ferry Baldur (438 1450; www.seatours.is; per car/passenger one way Ikr2190/2190) operates between Stykkishólmur and Brjánslækur (2¼ hours). From June to August there are daily departures from Stykkishólmur at 9am and 3pm, returning from Brjánslækur at noon and 6pm. From September to May it leaves Stykkishólmur at 1.30pm Sunday to Friday and at 9am on Saturday, and from Brjánslækur it leaves at 5pm Sunday to Friday and 12.30pm on Saturday.

Boat transfers to the remote Hornstrandir region can be arranged from Ísafjörður and Drangsnes from June to August.

The Westfjords