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Freysnes, Svínafell & Svínafellsjökull/Iceland

Introducing Freysnes, Svínafell & Svínafellsjökull

The farm Svínafell, 8km southeast of Skaftafell, was the home of Flosi Þórðarson, the character who burned Njál and his family to death in Njál’s Saga. It was also the site where Flosi and Njál’s family were finally reconciled, thus ending one of the bloodiest feuds in Icelandic history. There’s not much to this tiny settlement now, but there is a campsite and accommodation here.

In the 17th century, the glacier Svínafellsjökull nearly engulfed the farm, but it has since retreated. On the northern side of the glacier (towards Skaftafell), a dirt road leads 2km to a car park, from where it’s a short walk to the snout. Tours venture onto the glacier from companies based at Skaftafell.