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Introducing Badacsony

Badacsony is a conglomeration of four towns: Badacsonylábdihegy, Badacsonyörs, Badacsonytördemic and Badacsonytomaj. When Hungarians say Badacsony, they usually mean the little resort at the Badacsony train station, near the ferry pier southwest of Badacsonytomaj. The entire shore between Szigliget and Tihany is dotted with lovely lakeside villages and the vineyard-filled hills jutting up from them, sprinkled with little wine-press houses and ‘folk baroque’ cottages. The area also has a laid-back feel and development has been slow to pick up here, making it just dandy for a couple of days of relaxation.

The primary draw is swimming and boating in and on the lake and hitting the hills for some hiking, but on rainy days the local museums are worth a gander. Lake cruises, run by the Balaton Shipping Co, leave from Badacsony’s pier two to three times daily in high season.