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Valle de Ángeles

Introducing Valle de Ángeles

Eight kilometers past Santa Lucía, Valle de Ángeles is another beautiful, historic Spanish mining town. It’s been declared a tourist zone, and much of Valle de Ángeles has been restored to its original 16th-century appearance. In front of the town’s old iglesia is an attractive shady plaza, which has a pretty fountain that is lit up at night. Some of the surrounding streets have been closed to cars and are now pedestrian walkways. The annual fair takes place on October 4.

Artisan souvenir shops line the streets, selling excellent Honduran crafts for less than they cost in Tegucigalpa, including wood carvings, basketry, ceramics, leatherwork, paintings, dolls, and wicker and wood furniture.

Most people come to Valle de Ángeles as a day trip from Tegucigalpa, but it is a quiet place to stay over. The only time it gets busy is on weekends and holidays; otherwise, the town is pretty mellow.