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Bay Islands

Getting around


Water taxis are used on Roatán and Guanaja. On Roatán, they are useful for getting between West End and West Bay, and for exploring Oak Ridge, which is set around a small bay. On Guanaja, you’ll need a water taxi to get between the main village, which is on a small cay, and the island proper.

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Car & motorcycle

You can rent cars on Roatán and motorcycles on all three islands. However, rentals are not cheap – around US$50 per day plus fuel costs.

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Local transport


Taxis ferry people all around Roatán, and to a lesser degree Utila. Colectivo (public transportion) fares are reasonable (US$1 to $2), but private rates can be high (US$10 or more). Be sure to establish the type of service you want – and how much it’s going to cost – before you get in the car. On Roatán, taxi prices go up whenever a cruise ship is in dock and after 6pm.

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