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Getting there & away

Conakry is served by two main gares voitures (bus and taxi-brousse park) : Bambeto and Matam. In terms of destinations served, they’re nearly the same (big buses to Kankan, Boké and N’zérékoré only use Matam). The biggest difference is that Bambeto is paved and more orderly while Matam is a bit busier, so taxis brousses (bush taxis) sometimes fill faster. Taxis brousses coming into Conakry drop passengers off along the main roads. For a few thousands francs (arrange this at your point of departure so everyone else in the taxi will keep the driver honest on the price), you can usually convince your driver to take you right to your hotel.

Leaving Guinea, you can get to Sierra Leone and Senegal from both Bambeto and Matam; for Mali use the Gare Voiture Siguiri in the Madina market.