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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

As the economy disintegrates, petty and violent crime is rising. It’s best to take a taxi at night and, as always, be careful around crowded public places such as the airport and the markets. Also watch out for bag snatchers reaching in to open car windows. The whole Madina quartier has a bad reputation for crime.

After midnight checkpoints are set up at Place du 8 Novembre and by the Japanese embassy, the two routes to and from central Conakry, and it’s common for the soldiers manning them to seek bribes. As long as you have your papers in order you shouldn’t have to pay anything if you’re riding in a taxi. In your own car, most people simply pay US$0.25 up front to avoid protracted discussion. If the soldiers are drunk, the going rate is US$1.20.

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While you're there

Medical services

Clinique Pasteur (747576; 5th Blvd) In the city centre.

Hôpital Ambrose Paré (011-211320; Dixinn) Considered the best in Guinea.

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