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Fuentes Georginas

Getting there & away

Take any bus to Zunil, where pickup trucks wait to give rides up the hill 8km to the springs, a half-hour away. Negotiate the price for the ride. It’s very likely they’ll tell you it’s US$4.50 roundtrip, and when you arrive at the top, tell you it’s US$4.50 each way – this is an annoying game the pickup drivers play. If there are many people in the group, they may charge US$1 per person. Unless you want to walk back down the hill, arrange a time for the pickup driver to return to pick you up. You can walk from Zunil to Fuentes Georginas in about two hours (it’s 12km). If you’re the mountain-goat type, you may enjoy this; it’s a strenuous climb.

Hitchhiking is not good on the Fuentes Georginas access road, as there are few cars and they are often filled to capacity with large Guatemalan families. The best days to try for a ride are Saturday and Sunday, when the baths are busiest.

If you’re driving, walking or hitching, go uphill from Zunil’s plaza to the Cantel road (about 60m), turn right and go downhill 100m to a road on the left marked ‘Turicentro Fuentes Georginas, 8km.’ (This road is near the bus stop on the QuetzaltenangoRetalhuleu road – note that there are three different bus stops in Zunil.) This road heads up to Fuentes Georginas. You’ll know you’re approaching the baths when you smell the sulfur in the air.

Alternatively, make it all simple and take a shuttle or a tour from Quetzaltenango. Monte Verde Tours and Adrenalina Tours in Quetzaltenango offer shuttle services directly here from Xela for US$5, including waiting time.

Fuentes Georginas