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Getting there & around

The turnoff to Quiriguá village is 205km (four hours) northeast of Guatemala City, 70km northeast of the Río Hondo junction, 41km southwest of La Ruidosa junction (for Río Dulce and Flores) and 90km southwest of Puerto Barrios.

Buses running from Guatemala City to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala City to Flores, Esquipulas to Flores or Chiquimula to Flores will drop you off or pick you up here. They’ll also drop you at the turnoff to the archaeological site if you ask.

From the highway it’s 3.4km to the archaeological site – US$0.25 by bus or pickup, but if one doesn’t come, don’t fret: it’s a pleasant walk (without luggage) on a dirt road running through banana plantations to get there. You may have to wait to get from the ruins back to the main highway, but eventually some transportation will turn up.

If you’re staying in the village of Quiriguá or Los Amates and walking to the archaeological site, you can take a shortcut along the railway branch line that goes from the village through the banana fields, crossing the access road very near the entrance to the archaeological site. There have been no reports of safety issues here.

To head on to Río Dulce (US$3, two hours) if you don’t want to wait for a bus to Flores (around 20 daily coming from Guatemala City), you can take any bus or minibus to Morales (the transportation hub for the area) and a bus on from there to Río Dulce. This is a bit of a detour off the main road, but at least you’ll get a seat from Morales. Alternatively, take a Puerto Barrios bus and get off at La Ruidosa, where you can wait for a minivan or bus for the 34km to Río Dulce. For Chiquimula, take any bus the 3km from the turnoff to the ruins to Los Amates and wait for the next bus through to Chiquimula (US$3, two hours).