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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Lívingston has its edgy aspects and a few hustlers operate here, trying to sweet-talk tourists into ‘lending’ money, paying up front for tours that don’t happen and the like. Take care with anyone who strikes up conversation for no obvious reason on the street or elsewhere.

Like many coastal locations in Guatemala, Lívingston is used as a puente (bridge) for northbound drug traffic. There’s very little in the way of turf wars, and so on – the industry is fairly stable – but there are some big-time players around, and a lot of money at stake. Keep your wits about you.

The beachfront between Lívingston and the Río Quehueche and Siete Altares had a bad reputation for some years, but locals ‘took care’ of the troublemakers (we don’t really want to know details). It now makes a fine walk, with some great swimming at the end of it. You can go independently or as part of a tour.