Réserve Cousteau

Lonely Planet review

Jacques Cousteau brought Pigeon Island to international attention by declaring it to be one of the world’s top dive sites. The waters surrounding the island are now protected as an underwater park. There’s even a sub-aquatic statue of Mr Cousteau near the Jardins de Corail (Coral Gardens) dive site. Divers who touch the statue’s head are supposed to have good luck, and good diving, for the rest of their underwater lives.

The majority of the dive sites around Pigeon Island are very scenic, with big schools of fish, coral walls and coral reefs that are shallow enough for good snorkeling. It’s only a 10- to 15-minute boat ride to the dive sites, and almost all the shops have morning, noon and mid-afternoon outings.

There is a tourist information booth and a number of dive shops on Plage de Malendure; single-tank dives hover around €40. These shops are also the place to go to arrange snorkeling trips.