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Getting around


When it comes to seafaring travel in Grenada there are two schools of thought. You can either hitch a ride on a cargo ship that will be slow, not really fixed to any sort of schedule and cheap. Or you can hop onto The Osprey a high-speed catamaran that will leave right on time, be fast enough to blow you cap off and be relatively expensive. Both will get you where you want to go. It’s just a decision about whether you are a ‘snack bar and air-conditioning’ sort of traveler or a ‘sit on your luggage’ one.

Cargo/passenger boats

Island hopping on cargo boats is an interesting and adventurous way to travel around the Caribbean. Predicting any sort of a schedule is near impossible, but that’s half the fun. Boats change all the time, and time and date of departure are often more dependent on the cargo than the wishes of passengers. The best way to go about it is to head down to the dock and ask around and see what you can put together. On Grenada Island it’s best to go to the large boats on the north side of the Carenage in St George’s. On Carriacou they can be found at Hillsborough’s town pier or sometimes in Tyrrel Bay. The fare on the larger boats is about EC$20 one way; buy your ticket on board.


Osprey (440-8126; www.ospreylines.com) is the fastest and most reliable way to move amongst the islands of Grenada. The 144-seat motorized catamaran connects Grenada’s three populated islands in less than two hours (per person one way/round-trip Grenada to Carriacou EC$80/160, Carriacou to Petit Martinique EC$30/60). Reservations are rarely required, except on holidays. Tickets are either purchased on board or from the office prior to departure. In St George’s the Osprey departs from the east side of the Carenage.

The Osprey schedule:

Carriacou to Grenada Island Departs 6am and 3:30pm Monday to Saturday, and 3:30pm Sunday.

Carriacou to Petit Martinique Departs 10:30am Monday to Saturday, 7pm Monday to Thursday, 9.30am Sunday.

Grenada Island to Carriacou and Petit Martinique Departs 9am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday, 9am Saturday, and 8am and 5:30pm Sunday.

Petit Martinique to Carriacou and Grenada Island Departs 5:30am Tuesday to Friday, 3pm daily.

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Car & motorcycle


There are many rental agencies on Grenada Island, and a few on Carriacou.

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Bus & tram


There are buses on both Grenada Island and Carriacou, and they are a great way to experience the local community. There’ll be shoppers, school kids and commuters crammed into the van. The oftenoverflowing seats rock back and forth to the tunes as the driver maniacally toots their horn at friends and potential passengers.

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Local transport


You’ll find taxis on Grenada Island. Some minibuses on Carriacou double as taxis.

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SVG Air (444-3549; www.svgair.com) has flights ­between Grenada Island and Carriacou.

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