Europe's most unusual hotels: #1


Lonely Planet Magazine put together their list of Europe’s 20 most unusual places to stay - beds in wine barrels, glass igloos in Lapland, that kind of thing. We picked our five favourites and we’re counting them down all this week.

Today, we’re looking at a hotel in Greece that's a trip in itself.

On arrival at the Baby Grand Hotel in Athens, you're greeted by reception desks carved from two decapitated Mini Coopers, set against the backdrop of brightly coloured, swirly-painted walls.

The rooms are no less inventive, decorated as they were by 10 urban and graffiti artist contracted to let their imaginations roam free. There's no unifying theme other than a love of offbeat aesthetics. In some rooms it's all Spiderman or Smurfs, in others you sleep under the gaze of Japanese manga characters. Sometimes edgy, sometimes playful, this has got to be the most original art hotel in Greece.

You can get rooms from £73. Read more about them.

Want to see what came in at #2? Think a dreamy fairytale room hidden in Cappadocia.

For the full rundown list of Europe’s maddest pads, take a look at the Lonely Planet Magazine.