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Getting there & away

Sparta’s well-organised KTEL Lakonia bus station (27310 26441; cnr Lykourgou & Thivronos) has buses to Athens (€16.80, 3¼ hours, 10 daily) via Corinth (€10, two hours), Gythio (€3.70, one hour, five daily), Neapoli (€12.20, three hours, four daily), Tripoli (€4.70, one hour, four daily), Geraki (€3.50, 45 minutes, three daily) and Monemvasia (€8.70, two hours, three daily).

Travelling to Kalamata (€4.40, one hour, two daily) involves changing buses at Artemisia (€2.80, 40 minutes, two daily) on the Messinian side of the Langada Pass.

Departures to the Mani peninsula include buses to Gerolimenas (€8.90, 2¼ hours, three daily) via Areopoli (€6, two hours) and a 9am service to the caves at Pyrgos Dirou, returning at 12.45pm (one way €6.90, 2¼ hours).

There are also buses to Mystras (€1.20, 30 minutes, 10 daily). You can catch these on their way out to Mystras at the stop next to the OTE building on Lykourgou, or at the stop on Leonidou.