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Getting around by air

The airport is 8km south of Mytilini town. A taxi to town costs €10 and a bus, €1.60.

Aegean Air, Olympic Air, Sky Express, Astra Airlines, and Air Minoan have offices at the airport. Mytilini town travel agents sell tickets, too.

Domestic Flights from Lesvos (Mytilini)

AthensMytilini town40min€503-4 daily
ChiosMytilini town30min€472 weekly
Crete (Iraklio)Mytilini town50min€965-6 weekly
LimnosMytilini town30min€565 weekly
RhodesMytilini town1hr 10 min€754-5 weekly
SamosMytilini town40min€562 weekly
ThessalonikiMytilini town55min€692-3 daily