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Lesvos (Mytilini)

Getting there & away




In summer NEL Lines goes daily to Piraeus (€35.60, 12 hours) via Chios (€14.60, three hours). Hellenic Seaways has a faster daily ferry to Piraeus (€38.10, 8½ hours), again via Chios (€18, two hours). Two ferries weekly serve Kavala (€26.90, 10 hours), via Limnos (€18.40, six hours). One boat weekly goes to Thessaloniki (€37, 13 hours), also via Limnos, and one weekly ferry serves Alexandroupoli (€21.50, nine hours).

Ferry ticket offices on the eastern side of Pavlou Kountourioti include Zoumboulis Tours (22510 37755; www.zoumboulistours.gr; Pavlou Kountourioti 69) and Samiotis Tours (22510 42574; fax 22510 41808; Pavlou Kountourioti 43).


In summer two daily ferries go to Ayvalık, Turkey (€35, one hour 15 minutes).

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Olympic Airlines (22510 28659; www.olympicairlines.com; Kavetsou 44), in Mytilini town, offers four flights daily to Athens (€76) and one daily to Thessaloniki (€87). There are two flights weekly to both Chios (€32) and Samos (€41), and five to Limnos (€46) and Rhodes (€58).

Aegean Airlines (22510 61120; www.aegeanair.com) has three daily flights to Athens (€68, one hour) and one to Thessaloniki (€84, one hour 10 minutes); its office is at the airport, which is 8km south of Mytilini town. An airport taxi costs €7 to €8.

To Heraklio in Crete, Sky Express has flights on Friday and Sunday (€119); buy tickets from Picolo Travel Tourism (22510 23720; Pavlou Kountourioti 73a).

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