Acropolis of Lindos

sights / Historic

Lonely Planet review

An alluring mix of Byzantine architecture on the outside, insulating 2nd-century-BC Doric architecture, this beautifully preserved Acropolis is worth the climb up the 116m-high rock, thanks to its partial reconstruction allowing you a glimpse of its former greatness. Look out for the 20-columned Hellenistic stoa (200 BC) and the Byzantine Church of Agios Ioannis , with its ancient frescoes, to the right. The wide stairway behind the stoa leads to a 5th-century-BC propylaeum, beyond which is the 4th-century Temple to Athena . Athena was worshipped at Lindos as early as the 10th century BC; this temple has replaced earlier ones on the site.

Donkey rides to the Acropolis cost €5 one way, but to get here under your own steam, head straight into the village from the main square, turn left at the church and follow the signs. There’s no shade at the top so pack a hat and some water.