Central Court

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Lonely Planet review

The Central Court is the centrepiece of the palace, affording spectacular views of the surrounding area. It is extremely well preserved and gives a good sense of the magnificence of the palace. Porticoes with columns and pillars once lined the long sides of the Central Court. Notice the Neolithic hut at the southwestern corner of the Central Court.

The best-preserved parts of the palace complex are the reception rooms and private apartments to the north of the Central Court, where excavations continue. Enter through the Formal Doorway with half columns at either side, the lower parts of which are still in situ. The corridor leads to the north court; the Peristyle Court, which once had a paved veranda, is to the left of here. The royal apartments (Queen's Megaron and King's Megaron) are northeast of the Peristyle Court but they are currently fenced off. The celebrated Phaestos Disk was found in a building to the north of the palace. It now resides in the Archaeological Museum of Iraklio.