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Getting there & away




Hourly ferries travel daily between Corfu and Igoumenitsa (per person/car €6.50/26, 1¼ to two hours). Car ferries go to Paxi (per person/car €7.60/55.60, three hours) two or three times weekly, and daily in high season (but the hydrofoil is a more frequent option). In high season you can travel to/from Patra on one of the international ferries that call at Corfu (€33, six to 7½ hours) en route to/from Italy.

There are also six ferries daily between Lefkimmi in the island’s south and Igoumenitsa (€4.50, one hour).


Corfu is on the PatraIgoumenitsa ferry route to Italy (Brindisi, Bari and Venice), although ferries to/from Ancona don’t stop at Corfu (passengers need to disembark at Igoumenitsa and cross to Corfu on a local ferry).

Ferries go to Brindisi (€56, eight hours, two daily), and in summer usually once daily to Bari (€64, 10 to 12 hours) and Venice (€74, 24 to 26 hours). Fares listed here are for deck (not airline seats or cabin berths), one-way passage in high season; there are sizable reductions in the low and mid-seasons, and for return tickets. An additional tax may also apply. See Igoumenitsa and Patra for more details.

SNAV (www.snav.it) operates daily high-speed catamaran services between Corfu, Paxi and Brindisi from July to early September (four hours, €85 to €150).

Shipping agencies selling tickets are found in Corfu Town near the new port, along Xenofondos Stratigou and Ethnikis Antistasis. Mancan Travel & Shipping (26610 32664; Eleftheriou Venizelou 38) and Agoudimos Lines/GLD Travel (26610 80030; tickets@gld.gr; Ethnikis Antistasis 1) have helpful staff who will point you in the direction of the relevant international shipping lines; the assortment of companies, routes and prices can be confusing.

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KTEL (26610 28898) runs buses three times daily (and another three per week via Lefkimmi in the island’s south) between Corfu Town and Athens (€44.20, 8½ hours). There’s also a daily service to/from Thessaloniki (€42, eight hours); for both destinations budget another €6.50 for the ferry between Corfu and the mainland. Long-distance tickets should be purchased in advance from Corfu Town’s long-distance bus station on I Theotoki, between Plateia San Rocco and the new port.

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Olympic Airlines (26610 22962; www.olympicairlines.com) is based at the airport. The national airline has two flights to/from Athens daily (from €30 if booked extra early), and four flights a week to/from Thessaloniki (€70). You can also fly three times weekly to Preveza (€35), Kefallonia (€35) and Zakynthos (€47). Prices exclude changeable taxes.

Aegean Airlines (26610 27100; www.aegeanair.com) has two to three flights a day between Athens and Corfu (from €29). Its office is located at the airport and, if closed, calls will be diverted to its office in Athens.

AirSea Lines(26610 49800, 26610 99316; www.airsealines.com; Ethnikis Antistasis, Corfu Town) is a seaplane service that runs in high season to a schedule that seems to change annually. Check the website for the current permutations and combinations. At the time of research there were services between Corfu and Paxi (€40 to €50) and Corfu and Lefkada (€55 to €70). In Corfu, purchase tickets from the AirSea Lines office on Ethnikis Antistasis (near the new port). A minibus will take you from here to the departure point at Marina Gouvia, 8km away. Baggage weight allowances apply.

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