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Ancient Kamiros to Monolithos/Greece

Introducing Ancient Kamiros to Monolithos

Picturesque Skala Kamirou, 13.5km south of ancient Kamiros, serves as the access port for travellers heading to and from the island of Halki.

Just south of the harbour, before the town of Skala, is a turning for Kritinia. This will lead you to the ruined 16th-century Kritinia Castle with awe-inspiring views along the coast and across to Halki. It’s a magical setting where you expect to come across Romeo or Rapunzel.

The road south from here to Monolithos has some stunning scenery. From Skala Kamirou the road winds uphill, with a turning left for the wine-making area of Embonas about 5km further on. The main road continues for another 9km to Siana, a picturesque village below Mt Akramytis (825m).

The village of Monolithos, 5km beyond Siana, has the spectacularly sited 15th-century Castle of Monolithos perched on a sheer 240m-high rock and reached via a dirt track. To enter, climb through the hole in the wall. Continuing along this track, bear right at the fork for Moni Agiou Georgiou, or left for the very pleasant shingled Fourni Beach.