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Local transport

Local Transport


Tro-tro is a catch-all category that embraces any form of public transport that's not a bus or taxi. Generally they're minibuses.

  • Tro-tros cover all major and many minor routes.
  • They don't work to a set timetable but leave when full.
  • Fares are set but may vary on the same route depending on the size and comfort (air-con) of the vehicle.
  • There is generally an additional luggage fee.
  • The area where tro-tros and buses congregate is called, interchangeably, lorry park, motor park or station.


  • Within towns and on some shorter routes between towns, shared taxis are the usual form of transport. They run on fixed routes, along which they stop to pick up and drop off passengers. Fares are generally very cheap (C1 to C2).
  • Private taxis don't have meters and rates are negotiable. It's best to ask a local in advance for the average cost between two points.
  • Taxis can be chartered for an agreed period of time, anything from one hour to a day, for a negotiable fee.
  • Uber officially arrived in Accra in September 2016.

Street Signs & Name Changes

The government is part way through a street-naming project, with the aim of giving every street in Ghana a visible street sign. At the same time, many existing street names are changing. While we have endeavored to mark as many changes as possible, it is likely that more names will have changed by the time you read this.